When the lights fail or a fire breaks out then every second counts. The escape routes, though, are only found by those who know the way. That's why high demands are placed on optical safety guidance systems. 

For more than 15 years, EverGlow have been developing, producing and marketing photoluminescent guidance signs, colour systems and safety markings that can save lives in an emergency.

EverGlow offers one of the widest product portfolios for photoluminescent markings in accordance with DIN 67510 and international standards. Regardless of whether it's to do with the marking of escape routes in line with workplace regulations such as ASR 1.3 in Germany or to do with optical safety systems according to ASR A 3.4/3, with EverGlow products you can be certain of your plans being thoroughly dependable at all times. The EverGlow products  that make up the wide-ranging portfolio are perfectly coordinated to one another offering the necessary integrated approach. A team of safety specialists and skilled professionals also guarantee an effective planning process. Installation and maintenance is also offered on request.
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